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License release request for Archicad


Good afternoon,

We have a computer in our office, which has stopped working, and an Archicad license (removed sensitive data) is stuck on it.

Since our number of licenses is exactly equal to the number of employees we have in the office, this stuck license prevents one of the architects from being able to work.

Would it be possible to release this license from the computer in question, please?

Additional information:

Computer ID: (removed sensitive data)
Archicad license number: removed sensitive data
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Daniel Carlos da Silva


Operating system used: Mac Intel-based 12 Monterey

Ricardo Lopez

Hi @support 

If that computer stopped working and you cannot upload that license to the organization pool anymore, then you have to declare it as damaged to your local reseller or distributor, in order to ask for another new license using a provided form.

That should not be an issue if you keep your SSA/Forward up to date.



M. Arch. Ricardo López
BIM Consultant | Project Solutions and Services | Panama
AC17-27 SPA+INT | Windows 11 | MSI WE75 9TK, 32GB, Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000
Arash Kiabayan

Hi Daniel,


Thanks for the report and sorry to hear about the issue.


Could you please contact your local support? They are the ones who can help you out. Here you can find their contact info.


Kind regards,




Setup info provided by author