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Student License or Edu License



Is Archicad's Student License completely free for students? I've applied for an educational license for Archicad 25 as a student with proof, and I got this written on my webpage "Your application for a 1-year license is being processed. 
If you don't hear anything from us for 2 weeks, please contact your local Graphisoft partner." 

1 month has passed and then I contact my local Graphisoft partner. They said that only the 30 days trial version is free. If I want to extend my license to 1 year as a student, I need to pay a certain amount of money (I don't remember the amount exactly)

Is this true? Do I really have to pay the amount my local Graphisoft partner is claiming? Or should I receive a 1-year Student license for free? 

Please let me know. Thank you.


Hi there,


Thanks for letting us know. We have processed your request and approved. 


Feel free to reach out to us directly through or in the future.


Best regards,



Szabolcs Mikó

Education Program Manager

yup~ Thank you so much~~~~


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