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What to do if you end your Graphisoft BIMcloud Software as a Service subscription

Emoke Csikos

Here are a couple of things you need to do when you want to end your BIMcloud as a Service subscription to download and secure your data:

  • Export users - Graphisoft ID users cannot be exported. In case of Graphisoft ID users, disconnect them first from Graphisoft ID.
  • Export your projects or save them as PLN. The second option is preferable.
  • Export your project libraries.
  • Download files (optional, only if you have any files).
  • Export unique roles (optional, only if you have one unique role at least).
  • Install new BIMcloud or BIMcloud Basic (follow the instructions in this article: Getting Started with Graphisoft BIMcloud Basic.
  • Import previous files, upload and share content again.
  • See this article on how to transfer the external content of your projects' to the new BIMcloud or BIMcloud Basic: How to Transfer External Links with Your Project

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