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Air as transparent

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This should be simple; I'm creating a profile (beam) for exterior window sills; the little gap between the slope of the sill and the bottom of the window I want to be "air".
I've set the priority of the 'air' material to cut through the walls; the structure is set to "air space", the pen is -1 and the fill is "paint1" but it always shows as a white shape - what am I missing??

(IK I could set a gap under the window and then sit my profile in that, but if the profile/dimension changes I don't want to go through every window and re-set the gap under them.)
Barry Kelly
If you want an air gap I a complex profile then don't put any fill for it - just leave a gap.
But if you want that gap at the top of your profile as it seems you do then it won't work unless you have something over it to maybe represent your window frame position.

Or maybe I misinterpret what you want - maybe post a screen shot - 3D view with a marquee through your window sill would be perfect.

You can make a material transparent (as with glass) but this causes other problem in that you will be able to see through your entire profile - not just the transparent bit.

See this related post.

But if you can wait for 18 then your problems will be solved.
That will have true transparent materials in profiles.

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