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Resolved! Section questions

Hi all,I have 2 questions for this section:1. The intersection with the slab is quite weird. The materials strenght are as shown in the screenshot, but the intersection is still rather bizar. Why is the topmost layer and the membrane going through th...


Opening tool in different skins

Is there a way to create ONE opening in a Wall (not composites, but all separate skins) and where the size of the openings in every skin is different (or better parametric)? Normally i create my own Windows and they are placed in the Outer skin. They...

Rve Booster
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Resolved! unusual window

Hi there, I need to place a window that involves two intersecting faces. Currently, I can only position two separate windows without combining them into a single unit. The problem I'm facing is that the intersection doesn't appear accurately in the p...


wall finish

Hello, I need to create a wall that doesn't connect with the upper floor. I want both the top surface and the side surfaces to be covered with tiles. I attempted to use a complex profile to create the wall (for the top face) and the wall end tool (fo...

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Real dimensions or scale dimensions

Hello!I've been strugling with the drawing dimensions. Supposing I have to draw some plans andd the required scale is 1:200, i have to draw the walls at the real lenght or to draw them with the 1:200 scale dimensions.I mean if my wall is in reality 6...

alex732 Participant
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Wall Paneling and Other Trim

How do people go about modelling wall paneling and other non-ceiling/base trim details? The beam tool only seems to work in plan views, there doesn't seem to be a proper sweep tool for morphs and I would rather not just use 2D linework. Any suggestio...

Resolved! Sudden change : Walls not joining properly

Hello everyone, I know it's a pretty common subject but I can't seem to find the reason of this sudden change in my file. I was changing my complex profile walls and I suddenly realised all the wall connections in my file don't join anymore, not only...

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