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Surafce Override saved in 3d views

Is there any possible way to save 3d views with different surface overrides for the same 3d model? For example, i would see a 3d perspective with all the plaster and paints; and other 3d perspective with exposed building material views.

vikass Contributor
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Thanks for the DESIGN OPTIONS

I directly intergrated Design Options in my workflow. Even Hotlinks are designed in the same file and just exported as modules. You do not have to worry about not updated properties or libraries or anything...... Everything is kept in just one file. ...

Resolved! making story instance

hi, i am making 15 story high building and because of that i want to make stories instance. when i change something on one story i want it to also change in others. how can i do that ?

Move or rotate multiple Design Options

Hi everyone,I've been experimenting with the new Archicad 27 feature Design Options and now I find myself in the position of having to move my model, whit all its Design Options, somewhere else.Is there a simple way of doing so or am I destined to mo...

Design Option Copy/Paste

Does anyone know the procedure to copy paste a object from one plan into another, where the object was previously create in a option set. if I try to copy/paste a option object, I get the message: Elements have been created in currently inactive desi...