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Connection between the Slab's 2D fill and its 3D texture

I have a very important question for Archicad developers that has been bothering us for three years. When could we expect that choosing "Link to Fill Origin" for slab in 2D will again affect the origin and direction of its texture in 3D, as it was in...

Dalius by Participant
  • 3 replies

Question regarding Archicad future tools

Hello to everybody!I have a question regarding the future of Archicad tools, especially regarding new tools. We are a firm that do both architectural and structural projects. As we have seen, Graphisoft is going to enlarge its scope thansk to DDS-CAD...

Darwuhr by Contributor
  • 2 replies

object - plumbing point for basin

Hey folks, Trying to create some new basin object that have the plumbing point attached. Trying to get the plumbing point to display on one level below, so if the basin moves than the plumbing point in the slab plan will go with it. At the moment the...

tomyg by Participant
  • 6 replies

Request: Disabled Bathroom Accessories

Hi Graphisoft, I kindly request that you make available the following items:Independent bathroom grab bars, similar to those used with the disabled toilet seat.Make the possibility to disable the toilet in the disabled bathroom toilet.Thank you

Archicad Competency Test

Hi Community, Since the new community website has been launched, I thought this would be a great time to share the link for the online Archicad Competency Test. Good luck! Regards Matt...

Dynamic Arrays?

What do you consider to be best practise when modeling a system of elements that are configured as an array such as rafters, joists etc.? Quite often you want to be to change array parameters such as path, distance, number of copies.Multiply has clea...