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trimming slab after SEO

Im trying to make a surface terrain that i've carved out with SEO. Does anyone know if theres an easy way to trim the nodes down to the "new" surface after SEO? Or do i really have to manually drag the nodes down to wished location?   

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Swimsey Participant
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Trapezoidal walls

Hello I really need to make these kind of walls (see the picture) where in elevation looks like a trapez. I tried to make a slab with that shape in floor plan but I do not know how to flip it vertically. Thanks  

alex732 Participant
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Resolved! Morph convertion "BUG"

When you have an opening that goes through more than one elements , when you convert to morph it's taken in condideration only for the initial element on which it was created.

Resolved! Window Round Reveal

Dear Friends, Hope you are doing well.I have a problem that I can't find a way to do it.Has anyone done a round revealer and does anyone have an idea how to do it?Best!