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Cloud Cursor ?

What does the cloud cursor mean? Some times I will be working in the 3D window and all of the sudden I will lose the abality to select any objects and all I get is the cloud cursor. The only way I can get it back to normal is to close and re-open the...

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Resolved! Organizer-Publisher Window Bottom Off Screen Issue

Hi All-- I am sure there is a simple fix, but I cannot come up with it. When I open Publisher Organizer in a floating window, the bottom portion runs off the bottom of my screen, and since the top of the window is already at the top of the screen, I ...

Finding multiple Survey Points

Hi, I am having an issue with multiple Survey Points which became apperent when I exported an .ifc as I got the following warning: "The project contains multiple Survey Points. Only one will be used for export." I am only aware of placing one Survey ...

CarlM Contributor
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before 24 I used to always set my project preview by choosing "current window" which was super easy. now that is gone replaced with paste from clipboard. How do I put a current window on the clipboard on mac?

Compare Models - BIMCloud

hi all, Can I compare a TeamworkModel with a snapshot of its own (.pln or .BIMProject24)? In the Model Compare Window under Select Model 2 ... I expected to access exatly that, but all I see is that my models are all greyed out. BR, Florian