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Displaying formulae for the calculations of areas of zone in the schedules

Isaac Newton

Good time of  the day, gentlemen

I've got a bit of a challenge. I need to create an automatic schedule for the zones, and display the formulae for how their areas were calculated. Like so:




So, for an instantce, if I have a 5 metre long and 8 metre wide room, its area would obviously be 5 x 8 = 40 square metres. So what I need is not only to display the results of the calculations but the very calculations themselves.

That's obviously agravated by the fact that some rooms may not have parallel or even straight walls. Therefore the formula for their area won't always be just the width multiplied by the length. But, I believe that that would suffice if I could, at least, show the avarage width multiplied by the avarage length in that formula. Like so:




It would be even better, of course, if it was possible to display the the specific formulas consisting of the sum of areas of two raectangles for specific kinds of rooms with parallel walls but with a shape more complex than just a raectangle, e.g. the T shaped rooms, like that one:



Currently though, I have difficulties with displaying even the formulae for the rectangular rooms with parallel walls. I've found this video tutorial that explains how to display any sorts of values in the schedules:


How to Create Expression Based Properties in Archicad - Merge Strings (CONCAT) - YouTube


The problem is that there are no width and length parameters for the zones in Archicad though. When I try to select the those parameters from the general parameters partition, I have the emply rows in the schedule, such as those:




Therefore, I'd like to ask whether there is any way to achieve the desired effect to be enforced automatically somehow?


Thank you very much!