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I recently spent a lot of time importing rfa's into gdl objects that I WAS able to use in my project. However, the objects are stadium seats that are heavy with polygons. Even when I import them, I select the lowest allowable polygon count. The problem is it will only allow me to import them into the Embedded Library, and I want them in the Archicad Library because it is slowing down the works tremendously. How can I move them, and delete them from the Embedded Library?



@walkinthepark You need to open the Library Manager, and at the top of the screen select [Embedded Library]. Select the sub folder if necessary and the file(s) you want to export, then in the bottom corner pick the outdated floppy disk icon with the blue arrow and save to the required folder. You will need to add the folder where you save the files to your loaded libraries. If you load the new folder to the same project as contains the embedded files you will be warned about the duplicates.

About Library Manager in help file

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

After exporting the files (objects) from the embedded library into the Archicad library, in new folders, I can't find the objects or the folders in the Archicad OR the embedded libraries. I must have made a wrong turn somewhere. One thing that confused me was when you talked about the outdated floppy disk icon-not sure where to find it or what it does?


You will need to create a folder on your hard drive external to AC. You will need to ADD this folder location to your loaded libraries once exporting is complete. The export icon is shown in the lower right of the attached image taken from the Library Manager dialog/window. Select the files you want to export then click the icon. You then need to navigate to the folder you created. Save the files and then add the folder to your library.


Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 11.44.58.png



Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

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