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Embedded library


This is a topic I have been struggling with for weeks and has been the subject of some of my past queries for which I have thankfully received multiple replies. This is either a situation where I have not adequately explained the problem I am having, or it is because of my unfamiliarity with the techniques or with libraries in general. To recap, this is how I have proceeded to date. My first step was to save the RFA files the seating vendor has sent me, and when I save these RFA files the only place it would allow me to save them was the Embedded Library where I do NOT want them to reside because it would slow down processing time on my project. My next step was to import the RFA's as a GDL object into a folder EXTERNAL to Archicad which was one of the suggestions I received earlier. At that point I had them all as GSM's, but they were still in the Embedded library. I then selected the objects one by one in the Library Manager and used the floppy disk icon at the bottom to rename and export the object to the external folder I set up. The objects all show up in that folder. However, when I go into the project to place one of those objects I just exported, I can NOT access the objects or the folder I placed them in. Please, where am I making a wrong turn? In some of the posts I read regarding this subject they mentioned reloading the libraries. Is that something I need to do before I can bring these objects into my project?


Q: Did you remove/delete the objects from the embedded library after exporting them? (If not, a duplicate message likely appeared.)

Once the objects are exported to an external folder, Library Manager can be used to either load the new folder or reload an existing folder with the newly added objects. (The linked libraries are also reloaded automatically when the pln file is closed and subsequently reopened.)

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OK, I followed your instructions, I removed all the objects from the embedded library (now empty), saved the pln file, closed the project, then reopened the file. The embedded library is still empty, the gdl objects are still in the folder I placed them in, but when I try to place said objects into the project I do not have access to those objects or that folder. Do I have to generate a link to be able to access them? Help, I'm SOOO close!

The "link" is created by adding the folder in Library Manager.


Q: Is the library loaded in the project?

Use Library Manager

 - Select "Add..."

 - Choose "Add Linked Library..."

 - Navigate to the folder location

Upon selecting OK, the libraries will be reloaded.

ArchiCAD since 8.0, currently on 22, waiting on 26, maybe...

Thank you sooooooo much. You have no idea what your help means to me. I have a feeling this won't be the last time I need your advise if that would be OK.