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Energy evaluation does not work properly


Hi everyone, i'm new to the community so i apologize in advance if i do not respect some policy or standard. I recently started using the "Energy evaluation" tool on Archicad and i've alread read any manual/tutorial possible, but the results of my first attempts are not good at all. In short the energy demand/consumption for the winter heating changes by a lot just doing little changes like adding the ventilation (like x10 the normal value) or sometimes even changing nothing at all.

I'll give you a real example: in this first image you can see the winter heating, the hot water, and the lighting consumption for only the 2nd floor of this house (8387, 2261, 1096 kwh/m2).

Schermata 2023-02-22 alle 18.03.37.png

But if i add also the 1st floor (its basically identical as the one above) instead of doubling the value, or at least increase, it gets even lower. The hot water and the lighting are correct, the winter heat gives like a random value every time.

Schermata 2023-02-22 alle 18.07.24.png

 Any idea why this can happen? 


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