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Getting Rid of SketchUP Mindset




I am an avid Archicad supporter, and use it from time to time, but am struggling to get rid of my SketchUp mindset.  I understand the basics of AC, but there are so many options which seems to be derailing my final conversion to AC


I have generally had no problems converting to new software, but it seems there are so many options in every step in AC which is confusing the thinking process.  How can one get rid of all the options, set up a simple 'drawing board' with no frills, ie. NO HATCHING and funny colours, to distract from setting up straightforward models, for example.


I am fortunate that the 80 AC licenced firm i work for tolerate my SketchUp prowess.  I am not involved in production drawings, but I do feel the pressure that I should be producing my designs in AC.  


It would be useful if someone can let me know how to get rid of the SketchUp mindset in an Archicad world!


@Jensk I sometimes wish GS would learn from the simple SketchUp modelling environment.

The best way to view AC is SketchUp with a Degree in Computer Science. Once you learn the basic tools you can set up standards & favourites and basically draw a few points and find you have done a lot of the difficult SketchUp detailing automatically. I had to work on a detailed job in SketchUp a few years ago but vowed I would never do it again. It's definitely worth taking the time to learn. Start with the basics of walls, slabs & roofs and you'll soon pick it up. If my 8 year old grandson can manage to put a basic building together without much guidance, I am sure you can too. It is possible to apply a GRAPHIC OVERRIDE to your drawings that will visually dumb them down e.g. no hatching whilst everything remains in place in the background. Get one of you colleagues to set up a GO for you that simplifies all your drawings to a single black pen with no hatching if you don't know how.

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Rajesh Patil

Hi, I had posted few lessons related to "Archicad for Beginners" on you tube if you wish to learn from scratch then let me know. Its free of charge as mainly designed for my Architectural Students. Will share the link.

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When you get more avid and your client as well the one important thing is to choose a tool in AC than can produce the quantities demanded by the client (either from AC directly or from the exported IFC). 3D cad is simple and free while BIM is more strict. If the client wants to extract lenght from your railings it's a bad idea to model them sketchup style with morphs etc.

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David Larrew

Sounds like you are focused on the way you present your design. You can setup 3D Styles, Pen Sets, Graphic Overrides, and Model View Options in Archicad to basically mimic SketchUp. I've created different ViewSets in my template that do just that for client presentations and meetings.

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There is perhaps nothing so useful for someone new to Archicad as just being able to watch someone who knows what they are doing use it. 

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