How to Use the Roof Surfacer Add-On

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
The Roof Surfacer add-on allows users to apply 3D cladding to an existing roof.

Before Starting

1. Download and install the Goodies package here.

2. Add the Accessories Library to the project library. It is located under the ArchiCAD version folder under the Graphisoft folder in the Applications directory on Mac or the Program Files folder on PC.

Note: If you cannot locate the Accessories Library under the ArchiCAD version folder this means that the add-on has not been installed properly.

Applying the Roof Surfacer

1. Select the roof(s) you wish to apply the add-on to. If it is a single plane roof skip to step 5, if not continue to step 2.


2. Right click, in the menu select Split into Single-plane Roofs.

Note: The surface can only be applied to single plane roofs.


3. In the Warning dialogue box, click Split anyway.


4. Each plane of the roof will now be an individual element.


5. With the single plane roof(s) selected, go to Design > Design Extras > AccessoriesRoof Accessories...

6. In the Choose Roof Accessory Object dialogue box, select the Roof Surfacer object, customize the settings and click OK.


7. A Roof Surfacer object will be applied to each roof.


Customizing the Roof Surfacer Object

The Roof Surfacer object can apply the following roof types:




Standing Seam


Sinusoidal Corrugated


Trapezoid Corrugated


Square Tiles


Rounded Tiles


Spanish Tiles

The Roof Surfacer object allows you to randomize the color placement when square, rounded or Spanish tiles are selected.
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