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New to ArchiCAD Trouble with Storeys

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Hi all,

Doing a project for school. But I'm having serious trouble doing it

The building I'm modelling is Tadao Ando's Church of the Light. The buildings starts at one end with it being on ground level then steps down to being 1100mm under.

I've tried to do the ground as 1st storey and the part under as ground level. But only the first storey comes up.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.


David Maudlin

It is difficult to understand your problem from a written description, please post some images of what you have done and what appears wrong. Also add your ArchiCAD version, this may make a difference to the solution.

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He probably means that he can only image one storey in 3D.

This is most likely a setting problem.
View Menu
Elements in 3D view
"Filter Elements in 3d"

OR a problem with the Floor plan cut plane excluding the parts needed.
Dwight Atkinson

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Thanks for the replies guys. I've figured out what I did wrong.

I needed to subtract the slab from first floor to view the parts to the lower level. Very amateur mistake.

Cheers anyway

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