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No Menu!!

I have 1 user in a group of 4 (the principal), who has lost access/control to/of the menu bar. It is visible and when the cursor is moved across from "File", the highlight on the respective tabs does change. But that's it, no amount of clicking, long or short, will activate the pull-down action.

Using Sft+Ctl+S, I was able to get the user to actually save his work at that point. We then restarted Archicad, which according to the user has helped previously, but no such joy this afternoon. Perhaps the whole machine may require a reboot.

However, he'd argue that that's a workaround. Any advice on how this can be better managed or mitigated going forward?

The machine in question is one of two similarly configured HP Z2 G4 Workstations (Win10Pro/Xeon/32Gb/Quadro P1000 ) the client has on site. This particular unit is equipped with 2 x 512Gb SSD drives. Drawing files are stored on Windows 2016 Server, network is managed 1Gbit.

Barry Kelly
Restarting the machine is a classic IT fix.
If it hasn't been restarted in a while, I would certainly do that - may not fix the problem though.

It seems a bit odd that the menus highlight but can't be clicked on.
Manually resize the main Archicad program window to pull it away from the edges of the screen.
Can you pick the menus now?

Other than that I would try re-applying the default Work Environment.

If that still doesn't work I would consider re-installing Archicad.

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