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Parametric objects


Based on the reply I received from SenecaDesignLLC I did some research on the paramo tool, and it looks like it is only available on Archicad 24, and I am financially unable to upgrade from the version 22 I am working with. I am hoping there is another way around this roadblock. I have been working on this project for three years. It includes five (5) arenas that have to be populated with stadium seats. Seats that I finally found that were downloaded from the vendor's website, but they need to be parametrically editable. If Archicad 22 will not allow me to do that, is the only other option for the vendor to edit ALL the various options I will need before they send them to me? 

Barry Kelly

Yes, Param-o is only available from version 24 onwards.

It is not your only option if you want to learn GDL - but that may not be practical.


There have been posts here in the past about stadium seating, there may even be a object somewhere.

I know there is an 'Audience Seating' object in the default library.

It won't be your vendors seats, but you might get close.


If you have seat objects from the vendor then as I am sure you are aware, you can use the multiply tool (pet palette) to array the objects.

Then you have the align and distribute tools to let you adjust their spacing.

Not exactly parametric, but it is not hard to do.

If you have repeating areas of seating, create a module and use that.

Edit the original module and all the instances will update as well.





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Hello walkinthepark,


I agree with Barry. It is very easy to bypass a tool like railing to get a regular item rhythm of custom item.
Regarding the creation of parametric object you can take a few minutes to GDL to achieve your goal. Your project is probably the best excuse to get started. Personally, I do not request PARAM-O because it is too complex from my point of view. I prefer to make small and modest modifications to GDL scripts even though I only have a poor level of GDL.


Here a example :

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