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Anyone having problems with pan on Archicad 25 and Apple Magic Mouse?


I have very recently noticed (I would guess after the latest Archicad update ver. 4013) significant problems using Pan on Archicad 25 with my Apple Magic Mouse.  I actually thought my old Magic Mouse was going bad so I changed for a new one, but the behaviour is the same...

When I try to pan on any Archicad view, instead of the usual fluid motion I was used to, now the pan function is very cumbersome.  You have to continually swipe your finger across the mouse surface to get it to pan a little bit, but it becomes something VERY frustrating.  I am finding myself constantly zooming out to reposition my cursor location and then zoom back in (and in the zooming action the response from the mouse is fluid as always) to be able to navigate around my view.

I also tried changing the settings under the work environment, to switch the operation of the usage of pan and zoom with the Magic Mouse, but it did not affect the performance.  The extremely stuttering action under pan remains the same.

I guess I will be forced to change over to a Logitech MX3 mouse, however when using that one after extended hours of Archicad use my hand starts to hurt badly....

@Laszlo Nagy  have you noticed this?

Thanks !

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Karl Ottenstein

My Magic Mouse on Mac OS 11.6.2 with AC 25 build 4013 is totally fluid.  No issues at all.  Cannot think of what could be causing the problem on your Mac.


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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

I am on Windows so I do not use a Magic Mouse.

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I used to have pain in my hands until I moved to a wacom pen and cintiq screen I'll never use a mouse again completely illogical and nowhere near as accurate

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