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Does anyone think GS might include/be working towards incorporating add-ons such as MaxonForm or Objective into future releases?
I have been using AC for about 4 years now and am relatively happy with the software, I do however wish it was easier to model new objects/elements without requiring any add-ons.

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Personally would like to see Objective to stay out of hands of GS. We need one reliable working corner stone ALL TIMES for ArchiCad!

Rod Jurich
Joseph wrote:
Personally would like to see Objective to stay out of hands of GS. We need one reliable working corner stone ALL TIMES for ArchiCad!

Though GS and other 3rd party developers could/should take advice from Ralph.

Rod Jurich
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Thomas Holm
Archicad and Maxonform have the same owner. We COULD ask for better integration!
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Sorry to bring up this thread again, but this seemed the most appropriate place to bring this up.

So the other side just released the whitepaper for their 2009 version, .....

....and what caught my eye the most was the Swept Blend tool. It seems like they were stung into improving their modeling toolset by AC's Complex Profile tools and Maxonform connections in its recent versions. And while I would be wary of the fact that they only released conceptual sketchy images of what this tool can produce in that whitepaper, one has to wonder what the response from the Graphisoft peeps will be.

I can only imagine that it is probably ( no, definitely) too late to do anything for AC12 if they haven't already done so, but I would hope that these kinds of modeling improvements by the REvit people impress upon GS just how important modeling flexibility and versatility is in design today, with NURB-like tools like these. And I mean INTEGRATED modeling improvements and not cobbled third-part solutions that don't quite speak the same language as ArchiCAD.

Graphisoft, assuming you already missed the boat with v12 ( which is usually a safe assumption with you guys), take note for version 13 next year.

....oh and I nearly forgot. Nice to see that they've also "borrowed" features from their other softwares (**coughcough**Maya**coughcough**) such as the so-called Autodesk 3D UI, as well as finally co-opting Mental Ray into Revit.

Update to Lightworks anyone? Of course GS could easily and effectively respond to that by licensing a Vray bridge or even hiring Asgvis to write them a Vray bridge ala the Rhino and Sketchup ( or even the C4D one), but chances are they wouldn't. I mean they would first have to improve ArchiCAD's texture mapping controls and lighting tools, and somehow I doubt any of that's going to happen any time soon.

.....still, a Vray add-on inside ArchiCAD ( like the Maxwell one), would be sweet. I mean talk about One-Upmanship 101. Heck I would even settle for a Fryrender bridge.


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I wonder why GS is does not publish such previews before releasing the software.
Judging from previous versions i dont expect much

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One of the other issues i see with AC is the sharing of the 3D info - although this issue is to do with other consultants using compatable software, Autodesk appear to be going in the right direction by having Revit Structure and Revit MEP. Does anyone know how well these all work together?

On another note, my office currently has 2 AC and 3 VW! The VW guys like what we do in AC but there is talk about Revit. When i saw it working a year or so ago it looked like an old version of AC and they still had dwg export issues. One of our main problems is clients requesting we work in Autocad! - However, I am sure this is just an export issue that can be sorted within the translator. Something i am currently looking at..

Thoughts please..

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I just posted recently on this subject in another section:

Nemeschek & Graphisoft really need to address what they are doing so that users can have comfort in continuing with ArchiCAD. Faced with a choice I'm not sure anymore I'd be remaining with ArchiCAD....and I am a long time user of AC...

Your quandry with VW and AC is a classic. What is their future? GS skirt around the issue by releasing an AC lite version.....IMHO that is not an example of positive thinking...but rather clouds the issue. Surely they should be looking at positive aquistions and developments rather than adding more versions that add little more than confusion...

I recently saw a survey (via a link in BD online) of practices, and that showed a majority still use AutoCAD. Revit was significantly ahead of ArchiCAD. A few years ago I thought that if ever GS had a chance it was now - as Autodesk seek to transfer AutoCAD users over to Revit.
If GS don't respond soon, the rest will be they say...

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We had a guy show us the latest version of Revit the other day.. had some nice features but didnt look as slick as AC... def going in the right direction tho.

Autodesk are really pusing Revit and you can now get Revit with Full Autocad for less than the price of Autocad alone!! That means Revit is basically free - I believe they're succesfully winning over a huge percentage of the industry in the UK using this tactic. They're marketing it in a way that allows you to migrate to BIM at your own pace.

As a relatively happy AC user for about 5 years now it is sad to see it falling behined its nearest competitor...IMHO Graphisoft need to come up with the goods in V12.. and also address the marketing strategy..

ps. I wish GS would update this website more often... its like they dont care anymore,,, lets hope they're all too busy working on next release!

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