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two questions related to SEO:
1. When the portion of the cone (basic shapes) is subtracted by operator, the material of cut surface appears different from cone material. Is there a way to apply the same material to this surface?
2. When the custom object (library part) is cut by invisible operator it looks fine in 3D but in 2D plan it stays uncut (because it still uses its 2D symbol).
How to get the correct appearance in plan view?

Thank you

The nr.1 is easy. Just have a better look to the SEO palette. You have options for the CUT surfaces to inherit the materials from OPERATOR or use the original from TARGET.

The nr.2 is discussed in a lot of posts and wishes. SEO don't show at all in plan. This is true not only for Objects (where the element has separates scripts for 2D and 3D) but for any solid element.

If you are only dealing with objects, anyway, you can save the Cone with the SEO cut active, from the 3D window, as a new object. This way you can have a correct 2D symbol, but you will lose the interactivity.

--Roberto Corona--
AC18 - ITA full on Win10

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Thanks Roberto,
1. "inherit attributes of operator' worked fine. I should've tried that myself...sorry.
2. Great tip. Works for my project, as the position of elements will never change.

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