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Shell tool crashes archicad 27


Hey guys. This morning i installed latest Archicad  update for Archicad 27, and now my Archicad crashes when i try to enter shell tool option. I thought is was my file that hgad something wrong, but then I try to open the tool on independent file, and yeah, is crashing. 

How to downgrade Ac anyone knows?




Operating system used: Windows 11

Barry Kelly

@Milan wrote:

How to downgrade Ac anyone knows?

If you didn't keep a copy of the old version (make a duplicate before you update), then you have to reinstall it and apply the update before this latest one.


But be sure to contact your local support about this problem if you have a support agreement or subscription.

After all that is why you are paying for the support.



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Hey. Yes, we have, but Is easier for me to reach here! Thanks!




This is really strange for just a tool to crash... 

In your case I would try to make a clean install of Archicad by deleting all the previous isntallation files and traces.

Follow the preferences cleaning here:


For registry deletion better now exactly what you are doing.

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Did you install CI tool ? I have some shell tool crashed experience with CI tool.

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Thanks, will try this!

This actually might be. I have demo version, but if is crashing other tools, then we are not gonna buy it. Although is time saver.

Thanks, will check!

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