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Sloping site - Terrain and boundary wall visibility.

Hi, I'm working a sloping site and I am struggling with controlling the visibility of both the terrain and the boundary walls/columns in plan on the various levels. Ideally I would like to see all elements represented in plan according to the floor plan cut-plane. I.e. Outlined when below the floor plan cut-plane, cut/shaded when bisecting it, and 'overhead' or not visible when above the cut plane.

I've currently got the boundary walls/columns set on the lower level (-3,000mm) with a height of 11,000mm (+2000mm above the upper level of +6,000mm). I have then used copies of the site terrain, set to zero thickness (just superficies), as SEO's to trim the boundary walls to follow +2000mm above and -600mm below the terrain slope. (By the way if anyone has a less cumbersome way of making walls follow slopes I would be all ears..) I have the walls/columns them set to 'projected with overhead', 'all relevant stories' and 'absolute display limit'

Same goes for the site terrain, it is located on the lower level (-3,000mm) which is set as its home story, and is set to show on all stories. In plan I can only get an outline view on the home story and overhead view on the rest. Is it possible to show terrains partially cut in the floor plan where they bisect the floor plan cut-plane?

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I don't recall ever trying it but it may be that the mesh (terrain) tool does not trim in plan per the cut plane settings.

A workaround would be to make a top down 3D view using a horizontal 3D cutting plane then placing that as an underlay to the floor plan.
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