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The Opening Tool in The Open BIM Workflow

Selen Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

It’s important to have cooperation between other design disciplines and architecture. Therefore, ARCHICAD 23 offers you an easy workflow for importing files as an IFC model.

Import IFC ‘Provision for Void’

Architects receive Provisions for Voids from other design disciplines as an IFC model. IFC files coming from engineers may contain such geometry and data, by which the engineer requests the architect to create an opening in a wall or slab. They appear in the ARCHICAD file as Morph boxes. From that moment, the only thing that the user needs to do is to create openings from selections. You can find detailed explanation below.

1st Step: Importing IFC Model

The user needs to import the file that created by other design disciplines as IFC Model following these steps: File > Interoperability > Merge or File > Open.

The following section describes the Import IFC Model to ARCHICAD process in detail:

This model might contain other model elements, or just the Provision for Voids.

BIM model including provisions for voids


Provisions for Voids only

2nd Step: Selecting the Imported Elements

Select the imported morphs according to their classification (provision for void) following these steps: Edit > Find & Select.

You can find the workflow of Find & Select Elements in the following link:

3rd Step: Creating Openings from Selection

Use the Create Openings from Building Elements function to easily convert these Morphs (representing Provisions for Voids approved by the architect) into native ARCHICAD Openings. The user needs to follow these steps: Context Menu > Connect > Create Openings from Selection

The following section describes creating openings from selection process in detail:

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