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Unused Materials become unclassified and MVO goes missing in MOD in Archicad 25 version


In previous version of Archicad 24, unused materials were not getting transferred to MOD file format. In AC25, all material are transferred but for materials not use in project become unclassified.


Also, all MVO go missing and only Default MVO is visible in AC25.


Am i missing any step in creating MOD here or is this how it is for AC25 MOD file version?

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni



Thank you for the report and I am sorry to hear about that!

I checked with the latest update for Archicad 25 (5010), and here I found that all MVOs are saved to the module file. Regarding the building materials, I tested it as far back as AC23, and they all behave the same way: unused building materials in the module file won't have a classification assigned to them. Could you please let me know which exact version did you find unused materials not being exported to module?


Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer



Thanks for looking in to the MOD related issue.


File > External Content > Save Selection as Module

If we create MOD file using above method then MVO goes missing and only one default MVO appears as seen in attached screenshot. 


As you suggested all materials are getting transferred to MOD file in Archicad 25. For now i could only check in AC24 7000 version, and material get exported to MOD but become unclassified. It was one of the previous version of AC24 where, only used materials were getting exported to MOD, but as we have now upgraded to AC 25 in all machines i can not find out for sure which AC24 version was it, where only used material were getting exported to MOD.

MOD - Save Selection as Module - MVO Missing.jpg

Hello again,


Thank you for the detailed explanation!


I believe what you experienced here is intentional. A Module format file is a simplified type of Archicad file, which can be placed as a Hotlink Module or merged into a project. A .mod file is not meant to be used as a working file but more as a courier of information, thus we want to minimize the unnecessary data saved into it. With Save selection as module function, this reduces even more data. MVO for example is not saved out.


All in all, the module is meant to be a container. Could you please let us know why you need MVO exported to the modules?


Regarding unused building materials in module: I tried all different builds of Archicad 24. None of which showed the problem as you described. Anyhow, if it is true, then it's likely to be a bug. Such a big change in attribute management in hotlink modules is unlikely to happen through an update. All recent Archicad versions (even AC23) showed the same behavior, so I think what you described might happen on a different version.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer



I pointed out MVO missing only because, everything else from visual settings bottom bar remains intact, like Layer combinations, Graphic Overrides, Renovation Filters. I noticed that only MVO and Pensets go missing when MOD is created by selecting elements and saving them as MOD.


Just could not find any logic in why should only MVO and Penset be missing in MOD so checked here.


Also, as a part of the modeling process we do have to work on MOD files and updated the same for repetitive layout.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Basically just wanted to make sure if are not facing any bug. 

Barry Kelly

As Minh mentioned, a MOD file only contains information for the attributes used by the model in the MOD.

However, when you open a MOD file, I think you will find it opens with all of the attributes and settings of the last file you had open.

So it may appear as if it has attributes and settings that the actual MOD did not have before.



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