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What is the difference between "Project Map" and "View Map"?

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I'm new to Archicad.

What is the difference between "Project Map" and "View Map"?

For example, in "Project Map" is the design "1.Story" and "View Map" is also the same design. What is the difference between them?

When should I use one and when I use the other?

Thank you!

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You have been posting a lot of basic questions here. This forum is a volunteer effort to help people advance their skills, sort out problems and generally discuss matters of mutual interest. It is not a substitute for basic training.

I have noticed you have already answered many of your own questions. I suggest you make more of an effort to find these things out for yourself before asking for help.

The Project Map, View Map, etc. are explained starting on page 69 of the Reference Guide (US/English version that is).
Karl Ottenstein
Hi Cristiano,

I appreciate that you are new to ArchiCAD ... however the four questions that you just asked are all in the User Guide. You might spend some time reading and learning first.

Project Map gives viewpoints. Views contain many settings that inform how a viewpoint will be displayed: layers, scale, pen set, zoom, dimension style, display options and more for 2D .. and 3D window and rendering settings and more for 3D viewpoints.

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In addition,
View maps are preferred views that you will finally put into your paper layout. It gives you independent setting for each view.

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