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What is the most suited structural architectural software for my specific situation? (Newcomer)


Hi y’all,


I’m currently working on a personal project that involves modeling a (few) pretty unique residential buildings. I’m looking for the right software for this project and after a lot of comparison I can’t figure out exactly what would be the best way to go for me. 


Some few details about myself: Physics and CS student. I’m willing to pay for the software for this project, that’s not a road block for me in this. I have quitte an experience using al sorts of os’s, network environments, hardware and I know my way around designing software, hardware and networks. I am willing to accept a steep learning curve and learning a complex program fully from scratch, even without guiding, so forth I’m willing to put a huge amount of time in this project.


Some details about the project and the things I’m looking for in software: It’s a few semi-connected residential buildings that have a few special details. As wel as curves, pools on higher places and 2nd sublevel surface floors till 4th floor on top of that. The program I’m looking for should be able to model the building(s) from scratch, and in the final result as 3D. It has to be able to have some outer design elements as well as full structural integrity modeling. It has to be able to do stress testing on the structure, especially because of some special design ques. Being able to make some nice 3D views for a presentation would be a pro, but definitely not a necessity. The main point is that it is able to be fully functional as a final building plan in the end at the end of this project; so functionality is prio. With that in mind, it would be nice if it’s able to display layers of the building one by one (and combined); only the load-bearing structure, the outer layer, or everything in between with plumbing,  networking etc etc, also not a necessity but it would make the proces quiet a bit easier. As a finall add, stress testing for different kinds of soils or subsurface load-bearing structures would be great.


TLDR, looking for the most suited software for my case. Did research but I’m still really doubting between a lot of different options. Would like an open suggestion, details above.


Let me know if you have any questions. Not posting any links with suspicious content. Just an eager learner to find the most suitable start and journey for my project. I preferably not start with my own finds for software because I like open perspectives and ideas without steering them to where I already was.



Have you already tried Risa? 


You can explore it through the following hyperlink: RISA | NEMETSCHEK

Martin Luther Jules
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Thank you very much! No, I didn't think about or try Risa yet. It seems like a great piece of software, I'm definitely looking into it. If you or anybody else have any more ideas or suggestions, feel free to post them

As a Nemetschek Group Brand, you will get a lot of resources that could help you using Archicad combining with RISA. Here are some hyperlinks:


Use of Archicad in Structural Engineering | NEMETSCHEK


RISA | Structural Engineering Software for Analysis & Design


Integrated Structural Design Workflow - (


SAF Documentation — SAF Documentation documentation


RISA | Webinars


RISA | Training


RISA | Documentation


RISA - YouTube


RISA Customer Portal


RISA | Demo Request

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-27 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

@Axor this quick start course should be interesting for you regarding RISA 3D. Click on the following link to get more information: RISA | RISA-3D Quick Start Course

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-27 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11
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