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dashed lines for footing in plan view using profile?

hopefully this is not a double post...not sure what happened the first time...

anyone been able to get a plan view of a wall using a custom profile to show a foundation with a dashed line for the footing and a solid line for the foundation wall? (see attached image) i have not been able to show dashed lines for any part of the wall below the cut line, only seems to have a parameter for above....seems odd as this feature seems ideal for footings, any one have a workaround or see something i'm missing?


fnd profile.jpg
Stefan Hampden
CAST architecture - Seattle architect
This may have been answered elsewhere, but coming across it, I've had decent luck using 'Projected' plan profile in 'Wall Selection Settings', using 'Outlines' to control the footing line. If necessary, you can change the Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings to cut through the stem wall (and control the stem wall line weight with the cut line pen).

Using a slab or a separate wall profile for the footing is one good solution, because there are instances where the stem wall needs to break whereas the footing is continuous. If you are trying to shown a key between the stem and the footing in section, you could do a stem wall with a key (complex profile), and if you want to get carried away, 'Subtract' via SEO from the footing.
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