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Hidden Lines in Profiles in plan


I have made a profile for a stepped footing and I use it as a beam. I want to show the hidden line in the floor plan. Is there a way to do this? All the stuff I google returns things for 3D documents. 

example profile.png

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Barry Kelly

No, you can't show the hidden lines of the beams.

Maybe with Floor Plan Cutting Plane height adjustment, but that won't work as it will affect everything in the plan view, and still you won't get the lines you want.


Can you show a marquee view in 3D cutting through this profile and how it joins to the other slabs and footings?

I am just curious if there might be another solution.




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In other projects I've just added in a hidden polyline to show the hidden line and then I had something to dimension too. The reason this came up is I had to go back to one of those projects and expand the building in 2 directions. It changed all the stepped footings. It was a lot of fiddling, so I thought I'd try and find a better way.  


We do show the steps in a 3D view for clarity. I try to avoid having dims in two places for the same thing. Footing dims in plan then some other footing dims in a section. People tend to miss the second ones once they are looking at the first. Even if on the same sheet, we'll get guys calling asking questions and then say, "oh i didn't see the other dims". 


A colleague said maybe theres a coverfill on the beam and that's blocking the hidden line. I was going to check that this morning but if you say you cant then that's probably not going to solve it. 


I was going to try and cut the profile fill in two pieces. Then make a second structural conc. material. This will probably give me a line in the elevations too which I don't want. 


I thought of just making a tiny V shape at the top of the stepped profile above where the hidden line is. I'd need to be able to link it to the stretch variables I set to changet the sizes. It's something to mess with in spare time. 


Now that I typed those two things I could try, it gave me a third idea. Make a second conc material. then put a tiny piece of that where I was going to put the V shape. I wouldn't get an extra line in the sections or elevations. If the V is small enough it won't be noticable. Our footing plans are only to 1/2" precision, so if I make it 1/64 groove it wouldn't effect any dims.  Is it possible to show that one edge as a different line type in the profile in plan view?

Nick DiPietro
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