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error with custom dot-pattern/halftone fill

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Hi, I'm working on a set of presentation drawings and would like to use a simple dot-pattern or halftone fill on the elevations. I'm not a fan of the percentage fills because they're too solid and don't fit the graphic style in this particular project.

I couldn't find an existing fill (stucco is close but not perfectly consistent) so I created an image fill but the results are a mess. The fills on the 1st floor display as lines and the fill on the roof, while a dot pattern, has a grey background which shouldn't be there. The 2nd floor fills are correct and what I'm looking for.

Everything looks great on screen and I've checked the file to ensure there are no duplicate or overlapping drawing elements. Any ideas on what is causing this? Would it be possible to create a custom vector fill instead?

Test print is attached (I can provide the screen capture and dot-pattern image fill too but I don't know how to upload multiple attachments.) Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: I'm not seeing an attachment, but this is my first time posting. The website seemed to upload the file I selected...
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Upload doesn't work... link to test print & screen capture here.
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