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Archicad has always been there

Gabriela Pinheiro
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

My Graphi Story has an interesting path.


Back in 2016 I was currently working on my diploma in Brazil for my bachelor’s degree. We had a cool group with around 10 students all willing to do their best with our respective projects and presentations. We had a cool Argentinian consultant who was able to make us go further with our ideas, and we were full of energy.


Unfortunately, at that time I had no idea about what Archicad was and even imagine Graphisoft! I was working with different software to obtain the expected result to my diploma and filling the pressure that all architecture students must have the best project with the best visualizations.


Inside my group I had two colleagues which in every consultation had some cool drawings, 3D presentations and detailing. I was working hard with my project, but I was so behind, I used to feel so late with everything. One time we were talking about the software they were using, and they introduce me to Archicad 19 or 20 (the version of that time).


At first look it seemed so cool and easy, I was fascinated. All of us had incredible projects at the end, but theirs had a plus on it. I couldn’t understand what it was, but it got my attention. I started my career as an architect working with several software (again), never had the time to dedicate myself to learn something new (that I didn’t know I could save so much time with it).


After a while, I decided to study my master’s degree in Hungary. In the first days I was impressed how students had amazing work with such a cool software which I have saw once but didn’t recognize. I’ve got surprised to see it again, it was Archicad! I decided it was the time to get to know something new, something that its motherland it was Hungary.


Nowadays I keep thinking why we are so resistants’ to changes, Archicad made my life change and at the same time simpler. In the end, I had to come to Hungary to understand why it is worth it, but all paths have their meaning, I hope it is just the beginning of my Graphi Story.


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