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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

My 25 years with Archicad



At the beginning of 1997, while I was still a student of architecture, I've started working in Zamość (Poland) in my hometown, in a small design studio.

At that time, the project team worked mainly in  2DCad (MegaCad).

But I was interested in a dark green box with the inscription Archicad 5.0 .

In the opinion of my older colleague, it was rather a tool for conceptual work and was not particularly suitable for creating technical documentation. Concerns mainly the possibility of introducing unusual modifications appropriate to redevelopment projects or historic buildings.

Soon we received an upgrade to version 5.1, this time it was Polish version.

I continued to work mainly in the 2D program, but  in the  meantime I was trying to learn the functions and how to work with Archicad, using mainly a printed manual and help files.

Soon I was able to test my skills by preparing a quick concept for the expansion of a small bank.


My first conception (1998 Archicad 5.1)


Another challenge was the project of renovation and reconstruction of the old rectory - my diploma project. For the development of a model of historical details, cornices, balusters, dormers, it was required to explore the techniques of creating GDL elements, both profile and rotary. For a single rendering you had to wait since few to several hours, but then it made a good impression.


Old Rectory in Hrubieszów (1998 Archicad 5.1)



Old Rectory in Hrubieszów (ArchCAD 5.1 + Piranesi)


At  this stage,  we used Archicada as a support, continuing to create documentation project with a 2D CAD.

The next step while making several surveys of historic buildings, it was to create full documentation just in Archicad, creating a basic 3D model and adding some elements on independent drawings.


In 2006 I opened my own company and  bought my own Archicad StartEdition. Soon I switched to the full version 10 then 12 and since than I’am a regular user.

An excellent complement to the program was first AtlantisRender and Piranesi, then MaxwellRender and finally Twinmotion.


The program has worked well both for projects of multi-family residential buildings and for projects of reconstruction of historical buildings, it significantly accelerates and facilitates work, although I still don’t use all its potential.



2008 Archicad + Artlantis


2016 Archicad 18 (only)


Reconstruction of the Franciscan church in Zamość (Poland):


2018 Archicad + Maxwell Render


2022 Archicad 25 +Twimotion




2020 Archicad 24 +Twimotion


2022 Archicad 25 +Twimotion


2022 Archicad 25 +Twimotion



Celia Matsuda

Uau! Congratulations, I loved Old Rectory in Hrubieszów (ArchCAD 5.1 + Piranesi) !