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From AutoCAD towards the light...



Erik architect based in Stockholm who has been using Archicad since version 11/12.

Coming from an architectural background and having studied in both Australia and Sweden I have a perspective around architecture that comes with many different influences.


I came into contact with Archicad when I was working at a large Australian office and I have not really looked back since. Over the last fifteen years I have tried to develop my skills in Archicad as well as learn the underlying framwork of how everything comes together. This has over the last couple of years developed into a more defined role around BIM and digital processes and methodology.

I believe that Archicad is a great tool, but as with all tools it is about the user understanding how it is meant to be used...or understanding why it is meant to be used. Archicad has a great many challenges - and great opportunities for future development and I hope to be able to contribute a little bit to it if I can.


/ Erik