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Would it be possible to reorganize the "Choose a Label"?


This is a Forum wish. The column on the right is required to for all who post, to choose at least one label. But it it seems that the list should be at a minimum alphabetical.


Additional thoughts:

And even grouped into similar concept columns like "Tools" and "Other". That is a little more difficult as the Categories are not clear. The list is not long enough to break it down as I have. What are your thoughts? This begins to put some structure into the Forum too.


Management: BIMcloud, Teamwork, Project management, Bim Management, Libraries (management ?), Attribute manager?


Output: BIMx, Publishing, Data Exchange, Renderings


Tools: Doors & Windows, Objects, Annotation, Beams, Stairs and Railings, Zones, Walls, Columns


Attributes: Attribute manager, 2D Elements (Pens, Line types, Fills), Surfaces, Building Materials, Composites, Profiles, Layers, others...

Todd Oeftger
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