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Orient Favourite Objects in a certain direction

Adebar 799

How can I place an Favourite Object (e.g. Toilet) to be rotated in a certain direction withou creating a new object in Grasshopper?

Non of the attached Solutions seem to have any effect on the orientation of the object.

In both solutions the object keeps oriented along the global y-direction.

Rotate Object by angle.pngplace object on rotated plane.png  


Hi Adebar 799,

The problem is that you use the favorites node. This has no output data. If you choose a library part as input you can rotate it easily. If you want to control more than just the rotation of your toilet please have a look at the manual. From page 87ff it is described how to manage GDL Parameters of a library part.Rotation_WC.png


AC16 -> AC aktuell
WIN 10 & Mac Studio Ventura
Adebar 799

Hi Nurbs,


Thank you very much, I've realised that it had to do with the favorites. Though this is also not quite satisfying since I'd love to use 
favorite objects. You can't choose the "Type-settings" with the "Object-Settings"-node for example.

The rotation also doesn't become available as an option if I activate "ParamcontrolByGrasshopper" in the object script.

Since there are many cases for bathrooms with rectangular layouts, I figured a way using 4 favorite objects, each for a certain direction.

That blows up the script because now there has to be an analysis, which side of the room the object is placed to, making it a lot more complex regarding the use of data trees and stuff.

Cheers Ramon

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