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Select multiple objects in Grasshopper




EDIT: Managed to solve it, but keeping it here if anyone else needs help with this. Apparently groups need to be enabled for preselect to work, whether or not the elements are grouped.


EDIT 2: I thought I solved it, and it worked with slabs and walls, but with roofs I just can't get it to work. Nothing seems to be imported.


EDIT 3: This is become a bit ridiculous and more like a blog post than a question, but apparently Grasshopper can only handle single-plane roofs, which I would have realized if I'd had read the instructions on the GH box. I also have to to the selection maneuver twice for all elements until it works.


Maybe (hopefully) I'm just being a bit stupid, but I can't figure out how to select several elements with the Archicad-GH link without selecting them one by one.


For example, I have multiple slabs which I want to import. I use the Slab box in Grasshopper, right-click and click Set multiple Slabs in Archicad. Even if I've selected the slabs I want already, I'm prompted to click a slab, which makes my previous selection disappear.


What am I doing wrong?


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