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Sync only reshaped Components?

In general the latest release of the AC23 Grasshopper Connection seems to be a bit unstable as I have described already in another post. However this question is about the synchronization of reshaped elements.

Goals: I just want to sync e.g. some Slabs/Fills with Holes in AC so I use the Add/Subtract Polygon Component – so, how can I achieve that I only get my final reshaped result to AC as Disabling Synchronization for the Slab Component just returns a Null output in general and the following reshaping process won’t be performed as well.

So what’s the recommendation on that because disabling sync and deleting all the single Elements without the applied Reshaping Operation manually is a lame thing.

(The smaller Circle used to be cut out - however it syncs the Original and the Modified Slab ... and they are overalapping)