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Parametric design
About Rhino & Grasshopper and PARAM-O.

What is the best way to learn Parametric Design?


I am a young architect and I intend to learn to do parametric design through Rhino and Grasshopper. I'm proficient in autocad and sketchup and that's about it. I've finished the Lynda training for Rhino 5 and read some books about Grasshopper but after some time I lost the knowledge again.


Time is not a problem, I'm more concerned with how to learn and retain most if not all of what I've learned (I know this comes from repetitive practice). I'm willing to undergo the process of starting from the bottom and building a correct foundation to learn parametric design specifically through Rhino and Grasshopper.


What's a good curriculum to follow for a beginner to a fully functioning computational artist (by that I mean constantly not referring to guides to produce what's on my mind)? Is that even possible?


Thank you!


Hi, Rhino is a great place to start from the very little I know about NURBS geometry. When you are done in Rhino then import your 3D model into Archicad.


Have you watched this video and others about 3D import from Rhino & Sketchup into Archicad ?


Have fun learning.

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In my opinion the best way is to start with Rhino and Grasshopper only and later on use the Live Connection with Archicad. It is important to learn how to manage the Data Streams in Grasshopper to get the results you are looking for. Here is a series of short Tutorials :


And here a series how to work with the Live Connection :


Think parametric and have fun...

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