AutoSave Files


The Autosave function controls a number of options protecting you against losing work in case of a program or system crash, power outage or sudden termination of the program.  If you are experiencing one of these, then the next time you launch ARCHICAD, a dialog box gives you the option of resuming the interrupted work.


If ARCHICAD is restarted after a crash, it will detect the Autosave data and prompt you to open it. Important: Opening the Autosaved file at this point is the ONLY way you can recover Autosaved data; it is recommended that you open it! By opening it, you will recover the full project content at the time of the last Autosave, including half-completed PhotoRenderings. If you choose not to open it, the Autosave data will be deleted.

There are three limitations to Autosave functions. The following items must be saved manually:

  • Opened Library Parts
  • Completed PhotoRendering Images  
  • All types of Calculation Lists

You can customize autosave frequency and the AutoSave destination folder in Work Environment/ Data Safety & Integrity.




When opening ARCHICAD project files, you might experience that the file is corrupted. This article provides tips to avoid and solve similar issues: File Damage or Corruption – Troubleshooting Guide

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