Background Updating

Katalin Borszeki

Background Updating

Background Updating uses idle processor capacity to generate the 3D model and its associated BIM data for open windows and tabs.
  • Before AC19: When switching to another open window, all model generation for that window would begin only after that window became active. (Starting with ARCHICAD 17, priority based connections were first introduced as a background process).
  • Starting with ARCHICAD 19: 3D model generation can be done in the background. Therefore, when switching to another open window or tab, most of the work has already been done.

Foreground Updating

Some tasks, such as window/screen refresh, still require foreground processing.
  • Before ARCHICAD 19: Foreground tasks generally had to be completed before the user could continue working in ARCHICAD.
  • Starting with ARCHICAD 19: Switching to another window or tab can be done at any time during these foreground processes without having to wait for them to finish first. When you switch, these foreground tasks will automatically be cancelled.

Background Updating Support

  • Window Types: Already open window and tabs of model views can take full advantage of background updating. These include the 3D Window and Floor Plan, and Section/Elevation/ Interior Elevations and 3D Documents that are set to Automatic Update.

Background Updating is not applied to Layouts nor manual-rebuild type windows. However, drawings on Layouts – if they are based on model views - can take advantage of some of the background updating improvements.

  • Elements and Library:

All construction elements are supported and optimized (except Zones).

Library objects within the standard ARCHICAD library have been updated to take advantage of Background Updating from ARCHICAD 19.

Exceptions: GEPlacemark.gsm, Standard grid marker.gsm, Parking Place 19.gsm, Coordinate Dimension 19.gsm, Fire Alarm 19.gsm, Text 3D 19.gsm, Clock 19.gsm. Objects using 3D text GDL commands (for example the grid tool in 3D Document), and commands requiring constant updating (such as date/time).

Other libraries, and older objects, have not been optimized: these will run in the foreground (as they did in versions before ARCHICAD 19). Because of these foreground activities, windows/tabs containing elements/objects not enabled for Background Updating may not take full advantage of Background Updating.

Predictive Updating

While you are working in a particular window or tab, background updating will be constantly updating other open windows and tabs. This update takes place in a particular order: the order is based of when they were last open. For example, if you switch from Section A to Floor Plan, and you start working in Floor Plan, then ARCHICAD will do background updating in Section A first, before updating any other open windows and tabs.


To take advantage of background updating, at least 4 cores for the CPU are required.  

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