Elements are disappearing during 3D navigation

Boldizsar Vermes
Affected version: 22 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 243380


During navigation in 3D with ARCHICAD 22, some elements can disappear temporarily. It can be experienced that opening the same project with ARCHICAD 21 and 22 on the same computer behaves differently, while the first shows everything during 3D-explore, the Objects and/or other elements with high polygon count are not displayed with the new release.


The Incremental Drawing, which was switched off by default in ARCHICAD 21, has been turned on because of some improvements in the background and because of changing the way how ARCHICAD measures the speed of the navigation. This feature helps to speed up the navigation in 3D by leaving out elements, which can be very helpful if the project is too big for the used hardware. The method which is responsible to select elements to skip displaying doesn't function as intended in all hardware configurations.


The feedback speed limit in Frames per Second can be customized in the 3D Styles > OpenGL Options dialog, or the whole feature can be switched off. To do so Properties/Registry have to be edited. Please see this article about the exact method for Mac and Windows too.


The logic of the Incremental Drawing feature got updated in ARCHICAD 22 Update 40xx to improve the 3D navigation experience on all machines.

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