Floor Plan display of Stairs can disappear in Archicad 21 Update 5010

Tamas Gaspar
Affected version: ARCHICAD 21 - 5010 | Fixed: ARCHICAD 21 - 5021 | ID: 239536, 239695
Please Note

This issue is solved in ARCHICAD 21 Update 5021. To fix the projects, see the details below under the Solution chapter.

In some project files, stairs and stair-related favorites created in ARCHICAD 21 could become corrupted after updating to ARCHICAD 21 Update 5010. This issue could have different symptoms, which could occur alone or together as well:

  • Stairs might become invisible on Floor Plan
  • Parts of Stairs might become invisible on Floor Plan
  • Sub elements of Stairs might become uneditable
  • Unrelated GDL objects might appear as available sub-elements for Stairs in the Settings dialog
  • Affected project files saved with Update 5010 could lead to crashes in previous ARCHICAD 21 Updates.


ARCHICAD 21 Update 5021 is released. Apply this Update to fix the faulty stairs and favorites in the affected projects. After the Update, the following steps must be done:

  1. Open the project in Update 5021, and make sure that the default ARCHICAD Library is loaded (it can be loaded before or after the opening).
  2. If there are faulty stair-related favorites in the project, you can choose to fix these automatically or manually by browsing a previous version of the project. In Teamwork, this step can be done from the Favorite palette after reservation: At this point, most of the faulty stairs are fixed.
  3. If there are still invalid stairs, pick up parameters from a proper stair or apply a good favorite and inject it into them.


Warning_18x18.png WARNING: In step 3, Parameter Transfer may not work if the stair geometry would be changed by the injection. In this case, Go to Element Transfer Settings, use Group by Tool, and under the stair tab switch OFF ‘All Other Settings’.

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