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Managing transmittals in large projects




How are people managing the book settings and transmittals in larger projects where drawings are being issued in stages?


I am currently working on a big project (teamwork file) with other architects and we are all issuing drawings for different stages / areas of this project. 

However it is proving really hard to use the layout book to organize the transmittals for several users (closing and reopening issues) as well as not being able to use the same revision for multiple transmitted sets.


Ie. The architect issuing slab setouts on revision A last week and myself issuing interior packages as revision A this week. Then wall setouts the next week and so on. For each new transmittal the revision changes although the particular set has only been issued once


At this time we are all doing this manually, meaning constantly changing and updating drawing lists, transmittal histories, title blocks etc but it is not ideal 


Can you provide some details on the exact workflows you are currently using?  

Are you using changes clouds placed on the layout sheets to initiate the drawing to rev up?


How many layout sheets are you managing.  In our office we have run projects with 100-200 layouts sheets in what I feel seems like a similar arrangement to what you are describing.

This webinar describes the system we use in our: office

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Hi Scott!


Thanks for sharing that link! It helped tremendously