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Graphisoft BIM Manager program / course [Graphisoft Learn Portal]


Hello , 

I'm architect, and i'm looking to purchase the BIM MANAGER PROGRAM, i have some questions for the learning program developers and persons who already completed the course


1 - I have a very good level in ArchiCAD, in modelling, documentation, coordination , managing templates etc... by purchasing this program, how can it improve my skills ? 


2 - BIM Managers using revit are dominating almost all job posts, so, by getting this certification , is there good chances to be hired in a BIG Architecture firm ?? ( France, Dubai / middle east, Canada, USA ) is there a demand for Bim managers using ArchiCAD ?? personally i never found a post looking for such a degree unfortunately.


3 - by the end of the course, are you capable to manage complex projects using open BIM methodology ?? mapping IFC, exchange geometries and Data between different softwares, i'm not talking about ordinary and simple projects, i'm talking about complex situations, and real coordination challenges.


Any person who have a question in the same field can post it in a comment, i'm really curious to know more about this, 



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1. You will go into the deepest Archicad depths with this course. You will get to know all BIM related Archicad functions and get a very good overview of how BIM should work based on the ISO 19650 standard series, but the improvement of your skills depends on you only.


2. As a BIM Manager, yes. As an Archicad BIM Manager only in countries with bigger Archicad presence (I don't think the ones you listed have that),


3.  No, but you will have a far better idea of what you should look into for further skills development.


I was taking part in this program in 2021. It has probably been upgraded since then as the BIM world grows and evolves all the time.

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Victor Tatrai

Hello there!


Thanks for the questions.


1 - I believe your existing very good level skills can certainly be improved.
We will go through many sessions related to these topics, with best practices and tips with the most expert consultants from the industry and a handful of guidelines and frameworks from Graphisoft. If you take a look at the Agenda available from any upcoming course, you will find them. 

2 - I'd say yes for both. But indeed it is not very common to see open positions to this kind of position, as usually these are given to someone within the company who knows really well the processes, people and technologies already. I guess this is the most common scenario, but you can find similar opportunities or you can enhance your BIM Implementation/Consultancy skills an achieve the position you want by joining or approaching the company in a different way.

3 - I'd say yes, generically, to this question, as we cover all these topics. But the way you asked this question (mostly using "capability") makes the answer not only related to the program itself but to your own capabilities and experience. Of course, if have never worked with a project, or you just graduated, I can't say yes. But if you already have an industry experience, working in or coordinating projects, the program will give you the necessary background to better manage projects and the knowledge to do those processes you mentioned (IFC mapping, Data exchange, Geometry Exchange, and so on.). Again, take a look at the agenda.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me at 
I hope to meet you on April 11!

Victor Tatrai

Manager, Learn Program Content at Graphisoft


Thanks you Victor Tatrai for your Answer, it's clear for me now, 

I wonder to know, if i get the certification , wich country would be the best destination for me ? as you mentionned the countries i listed aren't the best target, what do you suggest ? where are the best BIM transitions that consider archicad in their standards 


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Hi bouhmidage,
I haven't commented your country list, only the general concept of offices (anywhere) hiring BIM Managers.

Regarding the country, it depends on your home country and your current passport/visa possibilities. And, of course, the languages that you can speak.
If English only, then I would suggest the ones you list, like Dubai/Middle East, Canada, USA, and add UK, Australia). But if you speak German or other languages, then you would be able to find more opportunities.
Hope it helps.

Victor Tatrai

Manager, Learn Program Content at Graphisoft


I went through the program two years ago and it was intense and deep theoretical info. But it is geared toward the mega sized firm with lots if players and disciplines. It offers very little relevance for the smaller firm. It was informative but very expensive for what Info I was able to utilize. The section on template development was very useful. But there is very little information on “how to do stuff” in archicad. They discussed international standards, ifc, collaboration and exchange with other software. But if you are intending for this course to get you a job, it would be better to have the job in a large archicad firm and be the BIM manager already in order to utilize the info.  Otherwise you will waste your time and money unless you can put the information into practice. You will forget most. There is a lot of required reading and challenging quizes. Not very much of getting into Archicad. It will require much of your time to keep up and to get the most out of it. It is the most advanced course GS has to offer. But it won’t provide much on Archicad skills. It is an information management course for serious BIM managers who need to manage mega projects with well established international standards. The problem is that many consultants don’t know how to utilize this info on their side. The course is set up for an ideal future that doesn’t yet exist. 

Todd Oeftger
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Todd,


Yes, the BIM Manager Program is definitely not about how to do basic stuff in Archicad. To be a BIM Manager, you already have to know Archicad very well, so that is not the focus of the course.

There is another course that recently became available called the BIM Author Program (it starts at the end of April):

A short introduction:

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