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Migration and Zones

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I've recently migrated a project from AC 16 --> 18 and now have issues with zone stamps. The base model file migrated fine and all zones and stamps are displayed correctly. The master file with hotlinks to the base file has changed all the zone stamps to the default settings found under Zone Categories. I have nearly 700 zones with various settings including items to be shown in the stamp - way too much to try and revise manually under within my deadline. I've tried however to re-insert the hot linked stories to see if the original settings would be maintained but this was unsuccessful. Importing zone category attributes would be futile as the settings have all been individually modified as needed in the source file.

Any suggestions on how to get the Zones to display correctly in the Master file would be much appreciated. See attached screen shot to see how stamps differ.
Emerich, where do the stamps reside and from within the files you are using / linking, do the files point at the same Zone Stamp?

Editing the Zones (700 in one file or 350 in two files, etc.) would be best done in a 3D view (are you trying to edit them here?) where you can see and select as many at a time as possible. If it's not possible to edit all in one go, then selecting groupings of them across stories in the 3D window might help.
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