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Transmittal & issue history - Edit old entries

Vincent G_



One of our co-workers had no idea how to deal with issues and transmittal, and we're now having a lot of inconsistencies between our internal Excel transmittal, the AC transmittal and sheets revisions.


The tranmittal history is missing some issues, i.e we got T01, T03, T04 and T02 has not been added, some issues should not be there etc. So we have a lot of drawings with wrong revisions #.


Is there a way to edit these AC revisions and transmittals? I know it's not by default and shouldn't be for a lot of reasons I can think of, but I'm kind of in an awkward situation right now. trying to get that fixed...

The only two ways I can think of to sort that out are either doing all revisions manually (dummy texts) which I certainly don't want to or deleting one by one and recreating all issues without the possibility to back-date them. Not ideal but that would at least allow the sheet revisions # to be correct and start on a clean base (I could potentially cover/dummy the dates if needed).

Did anyone had a similar experience and found a neater way to fix it?


Gerry Leonor

unfortunately there is no way to back-track edit previous Issues without having to re-open, delete & re-create older issues up to the latest.


we've done it before. it involves a fair few number of screenshots of the older issues to get a record of the publish AC drawings. also, it helps if the Issue Date is manually typed & not based on the computer's system date/time.

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Thank you Gerard, then this is what I was expecting. I'll try that. If you had this problem again, i'd suggest you save a pln of the file so that way you don't need to screenshot everything.

Josh Verran

We run into the same "issue", wish there was a way to edit retrospectively like you can with changes.

With a change you can click the unlock button, you get a prompt warning you what this will do and that it could cause inconsistencies, but if you're happy to proceed you can.


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Gerry Leonor

i mean, i can understand why you're not allowed to do it & if you do, you're having to do many steps to fix it. i personally wouldn't change it...

if anything, i'd rather have the less knowledgeable folks learn how to do it properly the first time. that filters out most of these instances & all that remains is the occasional screw-up by us AC veterans...

AC25 | Win10 | 64 bit | 16Gb RAM |Intel i7 8700 @ 3.20Ghz

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Vincent G_

I agree with Gerard in that matter, it is before anything a legal matter to not allow retro dating and imagine if that was possible the amount of error the same people could create. People should just get trained properly or ask for an explanation instead of messing things up. 

What I've done is save a BK file and a few screenshots, publish the whole old transmittal/issue history to keep a trace, delete all the transmittals and re-create the legit ones the right way according to the files we've been issuing (to get the right drawing revisions). Once that was done I've cleaned the excel transmittal according to the AC transmittal.

I might also try to set up that issue schedule in a neat way so we could use this instead of duplicating the information in an excel file.. less maintenance, fewer possible mistakes.

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