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Java SE problems with ArchiCAD 21 (Windows)

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Hi guys, a while ago I went to start ArchiCAD (it was working perfectly the day before) and it kept throwing java platform errors (screenshotted below). I've tried everything I can find on google and tried every version of Java recommended. I wasn't even able to uninstall ArchiCAD without getting the same errors. I ended up deleting the whole program from the drive directly and now I can't reinstall it either. It worked fine on a guest account I created to test but my main user account just refuses to play nice... Not sure what it could be as Java seems to work perfectly fine in every other instance for any other program. Any idea's what could be done to make this work again short of reinstalling my entire PC or working on a guest account whenever I need to use ArchiCAD?

Win 10 64bit

Barry Kelly
I have moved this post as it is not really a discussion about Archicad.

The best solution I have found when dealing with Java and Archicad is to remove ALL versions of Java entirely.
Then when you install Archicad it will install just the version it needs.
Afterwards you can update Java if you need to.


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Daniel Kovacs
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Graphisoft Alumni

The installers up until version 21 used Java, and they are very sensitive about the version of Java installed. See this article for which version of Java is suggested for each version, and try to reinstall it accordingly:

From ARCHICAD 22 we use a different type of installer, which doesn't require Java, so you shouldn't have this problem in the future anymore.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

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