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Archicad Ecodesign- problemshooting

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I'm trying EC out on a AC 13 version : thr menu " facade shading" when it pops-up doesn't show any pull-down menus, these appaer to be missing. The pull-down menu where the acitvity should be chosen is allso missing. Do I have to import a certain file ( it's an english AC 13 version with a dutch library ) ,has this got anything to do with it ?

Anyone had the same problem?

Karl Ottenstein
I've not heard of this problem before, but I imagine it is related to some confusion over which localized version of the XML customization files to use.

See the attached screenshot showing the folder contents of the EcoDesigner add-on. Typically, it should read the contents of the folder corresponding to your version of AC. So, if you have an "English" version in the Netherlands, then that would probably be the INT. (There is a local NED version though.)

Make sure that the INT folder contains 6 xml files, including ShadingCatalog.xml

If not, copy those files from some the USA or other folder and try again?
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Hello Karl,

I chequed out the add-ons file as you said but it seems to be all ok, I think .
Ecodesigner recognises the NED-file because the materials that are presented ( where the lamda-valuw, ..., are filed in) are in the dutch language. I tried loading the 6 XMl files as external library -parts , but it didn't change anything.

Thanks for the info

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I think you have the international (INT) version of AC in combination with the dutch (NED) ecodesigner. Simply rename the NED-folder in your add-ons folder from NED to INT and it will go fine.
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Thanks Masterscript,

Ecodesigner is running smoothly; the case was having an INT-version with a NED-library. Retyping NED to INT did it

Thanks again

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