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Ecodesigner - good resource to understand U-values, etc

Haneef Tayob
Does any have a suggestion for good internet resource to understand U-values for different materials, combining, etc.
My physics 101 course was ages ago and I want to be able to use EcoDesigner to its maximum.
Haneef Tayob
Aziz Tayob Architects
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Karl Ottenstein
You'll want to use the INT resources as a starting point (there is no pre-defined UK data). See:

And, you can customize the xml files for your needs:

or download the advanced user guide here:

Review the FAQ here:
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Not applicable

I do experiments with my half built house project, North - West Poland then I set weather like for Berlin it should work, don't know how to set TST and infiltration for windows they will be wooden triple glazed with U value for glass 0,5 and 0,85 for frame mainly not openable due to HRV (Aeris 350)

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