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Extracting morph orientation - does a morph know if it faces South/East/North/West?


Hello everyone,


I'm curious if objects morphs in the ArchiCAD model space understand their Cartesian orientation once the Project North is set.  I want to make a heating demand calculator using the Property Manager, and it would be great if I could list that information instead of having to manually put it in.


I'm doing this because I don't like how EcoDesigner does it's energy modeling, as we need to do this modeling using the outside face of the building assemblies.  EcoDesigner uses the interior face of the assemblies.  Because of that, I want to set thermal properties on morphs that are independent from the main BIM model for ease of modeling.


Either way, where would the orientation of morphs in specific be listed?


Thank you!


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Barry Kelly

I have edited your post and changed 'object' to morph.


Objects are scripted elements that can determine their orientation - in particular doors and windows.


Morphs are just an element modelled in space that can be any size or shape, and don't face any particular direction.

Each surface will will face a particular orientation, but there is no way to enquire what it is.



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